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Here you find articles, tips and utilities I have written. Unlike blog posts, I do modify these from time to time. There is update history in each article, and for the more recently updated and new articles you find a visual indication on this page.

Checklist for SQL Server implementations
The ultimate guide to the datetime datatypes
Moving a database between two SQL Server instances
Large transaction log file
Why you want to be restrictive with shrink of database files
Recommended actions for corrupt or suspect databases
Minimizing data loss when accidents happens

sp_dbinfo - database space usage information
sp_tableinfo - list tables and space usage
sp_indexinfo - enhanced index information procedure

Templates for XE Profiler (new)
Log wait statistics over time (new)
Generate commands to adjust autogrow setting to reasonable size
Log Page Life Expectency over time
Rebuild all fragmented heaps on a SQL Server
Pause random number of minutes or seconds
Analyze SQL Server and Agent errorlogs
MailAfterJob - send email after Agent job, with status in mail subject and output files attached
Agent Alerts Management Pack
TSQL script to create backup file including database name, date and time
Restore all databases from a number of backup files in a directory
List column candidates for SPARSE - potential space savings